You are hereBlu-Ray of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Goes to Podshock Supporting Subscriber, Helen Lesser

Blu-Ray of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Goes to Podshock Supporting Subscriber, Helen Lesser

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 16 March 2010

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Blu-RayLast month we stated we would give a brand new unopened copy of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead in HD on Blu-ray to randomly selected Podshock Supporting Subscriber (Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Blu-Ray Going to a Podshock Supporting Subscriber). We promised we would announce the winner at our seasonal meet up on Second Life on the 20th of February (Pre-Gallifrey 21 Meet Up on Second Life). We did. The subscriber we randomly selected was Ken Okel. (Ken was not present at the meet up, but we stated that you need not be present for it).

After contacting Ken, we learned that he had just bought a copy of Planet of the Dead on BD, and offered us to give the disc to another subscriber that may need it. Fortunately, we had selected a runner up just in case something like this occurred. That person is Helen Lesser!

Congratulations Helen on the Blu-ray disc, Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead. Thank you both for being Podshock Supporting Subscribers. Thanks to all Podshock Supporting Subscribers as we would not be able to continue to do the show without your support and the donations from listeners. We hope to do more of these type of showing of appreciation to the supporting subscribers in addition to the extra content provided to them.

If you are not already a supporting subscriber, don't be left out, become a Podshock Supporting Subscriber today.

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